MEPD Brand Strategy and Identity

With very little modification to MEPD’s public presence since its inception more than two decades ago, we drew our inspiration for the corporation’s new  brand strategy from its level of sophistication, international connectivity, and stable positioning for future growth.


MEPD is an umbrella investment and finance corporation that was founded more than 20 years ago. Having offices in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, MEPD maintains high-profile investments around the world, with its subsidiary corporations representing the oil and energy, industrial equipment, and real estate sectors.  Their portfolio contains many specific investments, subsidiaries and interests, and despite the lack of a strong external image, they have remained consistent with their impressive internal vision and characteristics.


MEPD required a new brand identity that would align its image with its international positioning and capacity. With inconsistencies between its corporate brands, it was vital MEPD emerged with a strong new brand that would reflect its values, abilities, impact and international expertise, providing a more strategic footprint. In order for MEPD to meet future company goals and requirements, the new brand would need to both describe their strengths and resonate with the tastes of stakeholders.


Following in-depth interviews with the senior staff at MEPDs offices in Abu Dhabi, and extensive research into industry, business attributes, corporate structure, audience and markets, we created a 360° perspective and opportunity assessment.

From this assessment we were able to develop a brand purpose statement, effectively redefining MEPD while incorporating its message, tone, personification, archetype, adaptability scale, and architecture.

The master brand we created for MEPD also included a visual identifier and branding system for the subsidiary corporations.

In the winter of 2013, Van De Vooren and Bridges Advertising supported MEPDs brand launch with accompanying guidelines, advertising, signage, and design items. We incorporated brand strategy, architecture, positioning, purpose, identity and graphic design, ensuring MEPDs new brand encompassed their organization as a targeted, unified and forward-thinking corporation with a quick, easy, to-the-point brand purpose.

Our partner, senior creative director Jamal Elgandour, well-known for his extraordinary work at Saatchi and Saatchi, and at Grey Global, provides continuing on-location management of the brand.

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